Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stands in the Community – How to Choose the Right One

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Commercial hand sanitizer stands hold high-capacity dispensers for disinfectant wipes and/or hand sanitizer. They’re a must for common areas residents use every day, including gyms, clubhouses and poolside.

You’ll likely find other locations where you’ll need them as well. Walk your property and think about all of the surfaces residents and staff have to touch. All those surfaces you have to disinfect to avoid community spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria.

You may be surprised at the number of high-touch areas in your offices. Phones, copiers, printers, pens, doorknobs, bathrooms, light switches, the list goes on and on.

Fortunately, several site furnishings suppliers are stepping up to meet the demand with attractive designs you’ll be proud to include in your community. But don’t think you have to settle for the same Purell hand sanitizing stations we’re starting to see every time we go out. Choose something that showcases your community’s brand.

For more information about commercial hand sanitizer stands and disinfectant wipes stations, call 1-866-456-7483 or contact us here. Hand sanitization stations provided by our Arete brand partner, R3 Site Furnishings. View our selection of hand sanitizer dispenser stands and disinfecting wipes stands here. 


Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stands Should Be Easy on the Eyes

In our “new normal,” staff, residents and community visitors are going to be spending a lot of time at sanitizer stations, grabbing disinfectant wipes to disinfect surfaces and sanitize their hands. Choose them as you would any other permanent site furnishings. Your new disinfecting stations should lend a pleasing aesthetic to the community and blend well with your existing furnishings. They’re an extension of your brand.


Sanitizing Stations Should Be Durable

Craftsmanship counts. Select a durable material that’s nonporous and easy to clean. Ironic that you’ll have to sanitize your sanitizer stand, but you will, and it will reassure residents and employees to see you cleaning it. Your sanitizer stands should be made of materials that can withstand daily cleaning and prolonged moisture.

Keep in mind most disinfecting cleaners are supposed to air-dry (don’t wipe them off) for at least 10 minutes after application in order to kill the novel Corona virus that causes COVID-19. If you plan to use your hand sanitizing stands outdoors, you’ll want a material that’s also weather-resistant, even during periods of extreme weather conditions.


Hand Sanitizer Stations Need Branding, Too

Personalize your new hand wipes stands with your community logo. As we become accustomed to frequently using hand sanitizer when we’re out in the community, these convenient stands will become as commonplace as waste receptacles at the clubhouse or entrance signs at the neighborhood entrance. Just as you spend time thinking about the look of those furnishings, you should personalize your wipes and sanitizer stands as well.


Focus on Value, Not Price when Shopping Sanitation Stations

In the rush to meet demand, some hand sanitizer stands are being rushed and thrown together, even by businesses who aren’t normally in the site furnishings industry. They aren’t thinking about the long-term consequences of creating a shoddy product.

Those products may not last long with frequent use, and with materials shortages on the rise, you don’t want your stands to fall apart while you urgently try to find replacements. They may even be legally required at some point by health codes, so don’t fall for a nice price now, only to be left scrambling later.


Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stands with Storage Space

The best hand sanitizer stands and stations include a lockable cabinet with internal storage for extra disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies, along with a convenient waste receptacle for all of the used sanitary wipes. Consider getting a hand sanitizing unit that contains all of the features you want in one convenient cabinet.

This is especially important at the community gym, where you’re sure to go through lots of germy wipes used to wipe down equipment. Make it as convenient as possible for those yucky wipes to be disposed of.


You Can’t Use Hand Sanitizer and Wipes Stands You Can’t Find

Use prominent signage to remind residents and employees to use proper hand hygiene and practice social distancing. You can also use wayfinding signs to direct residents and guests to the nearest hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes stations. Customize your signs to match your existing indoor/outdoor signage and personalize them with your community logo.


For more information about commercial hand sanitizer stands and disinfectant wipes stations, call 1-866-456-7483 or contact us here.


Explore Arete Brands Designer Golf Company and R3 Site Furnishings

Every member of the Arete family of brands is dedicated to providing high-quality furnishings made to order for our customers. R3 Site Furnishings has a comprehensive line of hand sanitization stations with dispensers included, for hand sanitizing gel and disinfecting wipes. See all hand sanitization stations

We design and build new site furnishings and signage every day. Stay tuned to this space for new product designs.


For more information about how to slow the spread of COVID-19 in your community’s common areas, read the advice below from CAI (Community Associations Institute):


What Community Associations Can Do

Community associations control the common areas, and owners are responsible for their private property. If the virus becomes widespread, communities may want to consider:

  • Extensive cleaning, disinfecting, or wiping down of common areas and common area surfaces
  • Postponing or cancelling community events and meetings
  • Closing common areas and amenities, such as gyms, clubhouses, and pools
  • Installing hand sanitizer dispensers or wipes on common areas for owner and guest use

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