Arete Industries Gives a Warm Welcome to Pasco County Commissioners


September 17, 2015 – Arete Industries received a visit from Pasco County Commissioners Jack Mariano and Kathryn Starkey.

President, Don Morrison and Vice President, Dan Morrison provided a tour of the corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities.

jack mariano

Dan Morrison explains the use of recycled plastic in site furnishings

When asked about what impressed them the most on the tour, both Commissioners responded similarly.

“I’m thrilled you’re actually using recycled material where ever possible and how great the product looks,” Mariano had said. Starkey echoed Mariano’s sentiments. “I think it’s very interesting how you take recycled materials and put it back into the market with such high quality, creative products.”

Arete Industries uses sustainable materials such as recycled HDPE plastics to manufacture personalized furnishings and outdoor furniture. Recycled HDPE plastic is an Eco-friendly material known for its high strength-to-density ratio making it a very durable material suitable for use in harsh outdoor climates.

Commissioner Starkey was particularly impressed with the company’s proprietary Terra-Tec™ material. “I would have never believed that was not granite, and not wood. Very realistic.”

Terra-Tec™ is a highly formulated resin that can be finished in unlimited sizes, shapes, textures and finishes, allowing it to resemble some of the earth’s most natural elements including rock, stone, granite, and wood. It’s main application is in the signage industry where it can emulate limestone, granite, natural boulders and wood.

Kathryn Starkey

Don Morrison shows Commissioner Starkey around the manufacturing facilities

At the conclusion of the tour the Arete Industries staff was left with some encouraging words, “What I want to do is help you guys continue to succeed. I think you’ll do a great job working with not only the county, but with local private companies as well. We can try to help you with that and let it expand from there,” said Mariano.

Starkey was exuberant; “I’m very glad you’re in my district and in my county! It’s a really neat business and I’m going to be thinking about how I can help you guys.”

Don Morrison acquired the company in 2000 under the corporate name DG Morrison, Inc. At that time, the company only consisted of Designer Golf Products, which today is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of golf course products. The family-owned business now also includes the brands Site Essentials, a manufacturer of decorative street signs, entrance signage, wayfinding signs, and outdoor furnishings and R3 Site Furnishings, which is a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly waste and recycling receptacles, greeting podiums, beverage stations, food service products, and towel return units. The company prides itself on the fact that all products are designed and manufactured to order, meeting each customer’s unique set of specifications.

Click to learn more about Arete Industries’ brand of family sites: Site Essentials, R3 Site Furnishings, and Designer Golf


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