Richmond Place is an upscale residential community located in Northeast Hillsborough County, near Tampa, Florida.


updated entrance signs customized for the hoa budget

Entrance signs make a critical first impression on visitors and prospective homebuyers. Richmond Place community leaders felt their entrance and neighborhood signs were outdated. They wanted new black granite signs on par with signage from the surrounding neighborhoods and in line with current design trends, but worried about going over budget.

Ready for a refresh, Richmond Place contacted Arete signage brand Site Essentials Company after noticing the quality workmanship and curb appeal of the granite entrance signs at nearby community Tampa Palms, another Site Essentials Company client.

The site essentials SOLUTION:


Entrance signs come in all shapes and sizes, especially here at Site Essentials, where we design and manufacture our sign plaques in-house and love to customize signage for individual neighborhoods.

Richmond Place asked Site Essentials to design, manufacture and install black granite sign plaques with sandblasted gold lettering for a striking, refined look worthy of this sought-after neighborhood.


CUSTOM DESIGNED GRANITE SIGNAGE that disguise monument inconsistencies

Granite sign plaques were created for the main entryway and interior neighborhoods. In order to stay within budget, we proposed 23.5 carat gold leaf lettering for the main entrance sign and brilliant gold painted copy for the interior neighborhood signs. The finished result is uniform and cohesive.

Richmond Place was initially concerned about the cost of granite signs, and was surprised that such a high-end aesthetic could fit their budget. Granite’s durability, plus the convenience of maintenance-free natural stone, adds value and ensures that their community entrance and neighborhood signs will look fantastic for years to come.

We also overcame one final obstacle: the shape and construction of the existing masonry monument walls were inconsistent, with numerous asymmetries. To remedy this, we created a design that included a reduced-size granite plaque with a complementary painted border to disguise the inconsistencies. Now, the community entrance has distinctive, modern signs created just for them.

View our monument signs for design inspiration

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