ADA Signs

ADA signs include braille, raised characters, and meet finishing standards to be compliant with current ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

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ADA signs are required to identify a permanent room or space, direct or inform about functional spaces, or inform about accessible features within a facility. ADA signs must include a number of features to be considered ADA compliant. In short, ADA compliant signage must include braille, raised characters and be finished with easy to read typefaces in contrasting colors.

We offer a number of different custom ADA sign options, each style driven by the best suited material for your needs. ADA signs can be manufactured in attractive etched metals like zinc, bronze, copper or brass, or in a more economical option like acrylics and plastics. Braille graphics are generally etched or engraved into the base material, while copy and symbols can either be etched or applied as tactile characters.