Signature Series – Yardarm Mount Chamfered Street Sign

This Signature Series street sign unit includes a chamfered corner decorative street sign frame and yardarm assembly.
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Community Street Signs Chamfered Corners | Signature Series

Community street signs are an integral part of any complete neighborhood look. Make your own street sign personal with this Signature Series yardarm mounted style. This design not only adds decorative flare, but also serves to connect the community street signs to the pole. Complete the look with chamfered corners to bring a charismatic energy to your block. The coordination of regulatory signs, such as stop signs, speed limit signs, and warning signs are also available in matching frames. Complimentary decorative bases, post finials, and scrolls can be accommodated to further personalize each unit.

Signature Series street signs are distinguished by an optional logo tail opposite of the name plate. For neighborhoods looking to emphasize a more stylized appearance, consider adding a town logo to your piece. Custom street sign frame and logo tail sizes are also available upon request.

Have your community street signs last forever with optional concrete base protectors. Keep the lawn mowers, trimmers, and edgers from chipping the paint from your decorative base, and polish off your community street signs with a finished look.

Signature Series yardarm mounted community street signs are also available in 3 options that include rectangular corners, beveled corners, and contoured corners.