Dendron™ Graphic Panels

Dendron™ high pressure laminate graphic panels are used for interpretive signage displays & exhibits.

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Dendron™ graphic panels are created by layering high-resolution print and melamine sheets, with a core of phenolic resin-impregnated sheets. The assembly is then pressed at high heat and pressure for an extended period of time. As the melamine resin flows, it absorbs the print and all the materials are consolidated into a single panel of thermoset plastic, meaning the layers become a single, solidified composite, completely consolidated with the graphics. The result is a graphic panel featuring high quality graphics that cannot delaminate, is impervious to moisture, thermally stable and scratch, graffiti and fade resistant. Additionally, Dendron™ graphic panels include a 10 year non-prorated warranty.

To create unique outdoor displays and exhibits using Dendron™ graphic panels, simply choose from various types of mounting applications including wall mounted, post mounted and pedestal mounting. The custom sign panels are available in one solid piece up to a size of 5’x12′. Dendron™ is offered in varying thicknesses and can be finished with a matte, satin or ice top coat. Due to it’s extreme durability and high resolution color graphics, Dendron™ panels also serve as a great sign material for wayfinding, entrance, donor and address plaques. What’s more, Dendron™ can also be finished to include braille, making it a viable option for ADA sign needs, particularly in challenging outdoor environmental areas.

View the many types of uses for our Dendron™ custom sign panel in our product gallery below.