Monument Signs

Monument sign styles are commonly used for community entrances, business signs, school signs and restaurant signs.

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Monument signs are commonly used for community entrances, business signs, school signs & restaurant signs due to their ability to be easily customized and installed. Additionally many municipalities are only allowing monument style business and community signs as they are more stable than post mounted signs, thus less likely to be damaged during high winds. Monument signs are available in either a precast form, which are ready to install upon arrival, or they can be constructed on site.

Precast monument signs are made from high density expanded polystyrene, also known as EPS. All EPS foamcore monuments are finished with a protective hard coat which provides superior impact resistency. Additionally EPS monuments will not rot, absorb moisture, rust or peel. Precast foam monuments can be designed to include stone, brick, wood or stucco textures, and are painted using the same outdoor paints as used on concrete monuments. Mounted using an internal sleeve and post system, precast monuments are engineered to meet local wind load requirements making them easy to permit and install.

Site built monument signs are designed, engineered, permitted and constructed on site to meet each customers unique requirements. Generally manufactured using block construction, site built monuments can be accented with stone, brick, wood or other materials and can feature a number of different sign face materials. As a custom sign manufacturer, Site Essentials offers turn-key solutions for those wanting to build or renovate the entrance to their property.