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Sign letters are commonly used for marquee signs, entrance monuments & business signs.

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Sign letters are commonly used for marquee signs, entrance monuments, business signs, building identification, room numbering and numerous other highly visible areas that need recognition. Sign letters are most often pin mounted or adhered directly to any surface, making them an inexpensive yet functional signage option. Mounting is made easy through the use of layout templates that are clearly marked with each letter, and the appropriate location for drilling and adhering. Most often, sign letters are manufactured from highly durable plastic or elegant metals like aluminum and bronze. The addition of LED lights within or behind sign letters adds an elegant glow, making your letters attractive during the daytime and highly visible at night.

Plastic letters are one of the most common forms of sign letters used due to their many different styles, price points, and extreme resistance to the natural elements. Plastic letters are most often manufactured as injected molded, cut acrylic or custom formed. Custom formed letters are molded with flat, round, prismatic and sculpted faces and are guaranteed not to chip crack or fade. Injection molded sign letters have sharp, clean edges, uniform consistency, and greater thickness. They are pleasing to look at,  easy to maintain and come with a lifetime guarantee. Cut acrylic letters provide and economical option with multiple thicknesses and over thirty different standard colors.

Cast and cut metal letters are one of the most popular material choices due to their high end appearance and design flexibility. Cast metal letters are offered in both aluminum or bronze. Cast aluminum and cast bronze letters are offered in many different font styles and sizes, and can be finished in their natural metal appearance or choose from many different finish colors. Cut metal letters are available in aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and steel, each with multiple thicknesses and finish choices.