Round Trash Receptacle

Model: WE1T
Slatted round recycled plastic trash receptacle.
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The classic round trash receptacle with a traditional slatted design is a standard offering seen in many downtown districts and park settings. The uniqueness of the design being constructed in durable recycled plastic cannot be overshadowed by the many features it offers. While the slatted design is often provided in powder coated metals, recycled plastic is in many cases a more durable option as it will not scratch, rust, peel, require painting and shows minimal color loss over time.

Each round enclosure unit comes standard with a durable rigid trash liner. Additionally all interior support rings are made from HDPE plastic that will not rust, scratch or warp. Standard HDPE plastic tops keep unsightly trash within the receptacle and make it easy for staff to remove trash when necessary.

The WE1T round trash receptacle model is available in 10, 20 and 40 gallon capacities. Options include labels for identifying trash and recycling units, domed lids with trash flaps and mounting options for portability or permanent mounting. This round waste enclosure is a perfect trash container for placement next to picnic tables, water cooler stands and benches.