Dual Cabinet Beverage Station

Model: CS7T
The Dual Cabinet Beverage Station features two water cooler enclosure cabinets and built-in waste receptacles.
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The Traditions Series Dual Cabinet Beverage Station offers a complete solution for meeting the refreshment needs of your guests. This unit features two water cooler cabinets with internal cup dispensers. Each cabinet comes standard with a lockable hasp, making sure the contents in your cooler are kept safe and free from possible contaminants.

Below each cabinet is a conveniently located waste receptacle with removable liner. Access doors to the water cooler cabinets and waste receptacles are constructed using full length stainless hinges.

In addition to the water cooler enclosure cabinets, the dual cabinet beverage station is highlighted by a built in ice chest. The ice chest is located in the middle of the cooler cabinets, providing guests an all-in-one convenience station.

Looking to provide guests with a complete hospitality station, add matching recycled plastic benches and towel cabinets.