Portable Water Cooler Enclosure

Model: WC2T
The portable water cooler enclosure includes a slatted recycled plastic cooler enclosure and recycled lumber stand.
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The Traditions Series round water cooler enclosure is one of our most popular models. Including a slatted cooler enclosure with a hinged door, the portable cooler enclosure unit is supported by a recycled lumber post and base. The unique design at the base of the post allows for the mobility of the water cooler enclosure should there be a need for the unit to be located in different locations.

The recycled plastic water cooler enclosure is highlighted by rust free internal plastic support rings, meaning this unit is virtually maintenance free. Also included is a hinged access door and external cup dispenser.

To provide a complete refreshment station for your guests, consider adding recycled plastic benches for sitting and a waste receptacle for the collection of used cups.