Water Cooler Enclosure

Model: WC1T
Round water cooler enclosure used for housing water cooler dispensing units in public spaces.
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Popular because of it’s functionality and durability, the round water cooler enclosure offers many benefits that often get overlooked.

Features of this unit include two stainless hinges that extend the full length of each access door. This unique design allows for easier access to for changing the contents of the water cooler, and a more durable product.

Another feature of the round water cooler enclosure is the HDPE plastic support rings and platforms. HDPE will not corrode, rust or rot which helps to ensure these units will remain a reliable solution for many years.

The cooler enclosure is available in our low-maintenance recycled lumber or durable hardwoods. Both material selections include a matching material mounting post.

Popular additions for the water cooler enclosure include a matching waste enclosure, bench or ice chest.