Water Cooler Stand

Model: WC3C
Post mounted outdoor water cooler stands can be permanently mounted along bike trails & in public parks.
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The Classic Series water cooler stand offers an economical method of hydrating guests on your property. Constructed of durable recycled HDPE plastic, each unit consists of a lockable water cooler cabinet with a gable style roof, mounting post and an internal cup dispenser.

Each water cooler cabinet will accommodate a 10 gallon water cooler, and is designed so that water and ice can easily be added or changed. Access doors are reinforced with aluminum tubing and are constructed with full length piano hinges. Choose from eight standard recycled plastic colors, or mix post and panel colors to create a unique look for your property or brand.

Each water cooler stand also comes standard with a 6″x6″ recycled lumber mounting post, providing a completely low maintenance, Eco-friendly product that will provide years of use for your community or park.

To create and inviting rest area and to keep the surrounding area clean of used cups and debris, consider our waste receptacles and benches in a complimentary recycled plastic color.